Leo horoscope for November 2022: Your predictions for the month

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For others, this means reviewing their passions and talents. Do you really do what you love? You will feel like going back to connect with what makes you feel aliveand that spark will guide you in making decisions that you must make during this closing of the year.

Around November 16, you can begin to perceive that an end is approaching, but it is not a dramatic end, rather it is a closing of the cycle that you begin to prepare little by little, with strategy and understanding that something better is approaching. Something new that will allow you to renew your image and the way you present yourself to the world.

On November 17, Mercury arrives in Sagittarius, bringing information, memories or reconnections that throughout November begin to lead you back to a passion, hobby, emotion or romance. The closing of the month prepares you to give start of a new project or relationship that excites you, that invites you to shine again on your favorite stage, that makes you feel proud of yourself.

It is a period of new opportunities that opens the doors to light the spark in your heart that makes you feel alive and makes you fall in love with life. This time of the year is the best to start a romance, to meet someone who inspires you.

After the New Moon on November 23, you begin to develop a new project, relationship or idea that excites you, that allows you to be the protagonist and the star of the stage. If you are looking for a pregnancy, this is also a very fertile moon.

For Leos, the end of the year is one of many transformation and rebirth and from November 23 you will begin to glimpse what I am talking about. The end of the month will begin to show you the changes that are announced and that, little by little, begin to permeate your world. This is just a preview, but you can take advantage of it to know where to direct your 2023 projects.


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