Legacy’, new Batman and Robin movie, ‘Green Lantern’ series and much more

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Warner He has just announced his future plans for the new beginning of his cinematic universe of dc superheroes. The first chapter 1 has received the name of “Gods and Monsters“, will start in 2025 and will end two years later. In addition, the movies and series that will be part of it have already been announced.

The three most striking projects with ‘Superman: Legacy’the film written by James Gunn, and ‘The Brave and the Bold’a new Batman movie unrelated to the version starring Robert Pattinson exploring the relationship are his son Damien Wayne, who will also serve as Robin and has been described by Gunn as “a little son of a bitch”, and a live-action television series from ‘Green Lantern’. Next, we are going to review all of them:

The movies

  • ‘Superman: Legacy’: Described as the true beginning of the universe, it will not be an origin story and will focus on exploring how the Man of Steel balances his Kryptonian heritage with his growing humanity. will be released on July 11, 2025.
  • ‘The Brave and the Bold’: The version of Batman of this universe based on the stage of Grant Morrison in front of the character that will propose a peculiar story of father and son.
  • Swamp Thing: feature film about Swamp Thing that will explore the character’s dark origins and will have a very different tone from the two previous films.
  • ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’: adaptation of the Tom King comic series published in 2022 that proposes a much tougher Supergirl than we are used to, since during her early years she sees everyone around her die and it is not until much later when she reaches the Land.
  • ‘The Authority’: the story of a group of anti-heroes created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch and that in the comics has a strong violent content.

The series

  • ‘waller’: Gunn has revealed that this will be the sequel to ‘The peacemaker’since he is too busy to do a season 2 for now, so in between he plays this series focused on the character of Viola Davis.
  • ‘Creature Commandos’: animated series written by Gunn that will explore a diverse collection of characters such as a werewolf, a vampire or Frakenstein’s monster and that will recover the character of Weasel from ‘The Suicide Squad’.
  • ‘Lanterns’: described as an attempt to make his ‘True Detective’ with two Green Lanterns, specifically the versions of Hal Jordan and John Stewart. She is called to have a fundamental weight in this universe.
  • ‘Paradise Lost’: A live-action series for HBO Max about the origins of Themyscita, the home of the Amazons and also the birthplace of Wonder Woman. They want me to have a similar approach to ‘Game of Thrones’.
  • Booster Bold: Another series for HBO Max about a loser from the future who uses technology that allows him to travel to the present, where he poses as a superhero.

In addition, they have revealed two fundamental rules for this universe: the actors who give life to a character in a television series will also interpret it in appearances of the same on the big screen and no actor will give life to two different characters.

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