Laura Flores takes off her wig on a live program

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Laura Flores takes off her wig on a live program
Laura Flores takes off her wig on a live show. Photo: Darkroom

Laura Flores left more than one speechless after, in full live programdecided take off the wig and show himself with short hair, receiving the support of his companions of the program Sit down who can!

The famous actress and host was shown with a short hair and apparently with several gray hairs in an act of acceptance after the also presenter Francisca Lachapel cut her hair in one live broadcast.

Laura Flowers, who suffered a spectacular accident some time ago, said you had to “walk light” for life, while stripped of the blonde wiga tonality that has characterized her throughout her career in the show business.

“As in this life you have to walk light, I am going to tell you that I have also decided…”

Laura Flores

Before removing the wig, Laura Flores, who came to the altar with his partner months ago, stated moved by action of her fellow TV presenter, which would have inspired her to get rid of false hair and sending a message acceptance.

“Our dearest Francisca Lachapel gave us a lesson in life, a lesson that is good for all of us equally… she made statements that, to be honest, moved me a lot, she sent us a super nice, deep message… for me it is wonderful to live lightly, not have pressures, have no prejudices, let nothing stop you”.

Laura Flores.

After the action of Laura Flowers, who has been part of celebrities who insist on vaccination against COVID-19received the support of several social media userswho considered it a good gesture that the actress would say goodbye to the wig

“Too much beauty”, “You look wonderful, Laura, like this without a wig. You are beautiful ”,“ Precious with that face and her personality, everything suits her ”,“ Laura, gorgeous. The same short as long, although short she was seen superfashion”, “She looks much better with her natural hair”, “Beautiful Laura without a wig”, “Laura looks prettier without a wig, by pretending what they are not they do not show their true beauty”are some of the comments that can be read by users of social networks.

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