Las Cruces restaurateur killed his wife Police

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The crosses.- Kim Yacone, owner of Forghedaboudit Southwest Italian Cuisine in Picacho Hills, was shot to death Sunday night, Sheriff Kim Stewart said, in the master bedroom of the home Yacone shared with her husband, chef Robert Yacone, according to with information published by the Las Cruces Sun-News.

Kim Yacone was 48 years old.

On Tuesday afternoon, Stewart provided the first new details about the incident since Sunday night, when officers responded to 911 calls about an injured woman at the couple’s Vista de Oro residence.

At a news conference at the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office headquarters, Stewart said the initial call came at 7:42 p.m. from the couple’s son, Nick Yacone, 21, saying he had discovered his mother apparently dead from a gunshot wound. He reported that a 12-gauge shotgun was lying on a counter and that he thought his father might take his own life.

According to an affidavit attached to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday, Nick Yacone was alerted to the situation by his older sister, Caleigh Yacone, who called him from their home in upstate New York to tell him their father had called her. and confessed to shooting his mother. .

According to the complaint, Bob Yacone, 59, returned to the home shortly after the son discovered his mother, allegedly crashing her vehicle in the home’s garage, and that the son told detectives that the older the Yacones seemed to have been drinking. After escaping the scene, the complaint says the son sought help from a neighboring house and was told to “go away.”

Meanwhile, Stewart said Kim Yacone’s youngest son, a 17-year-old with special needs, had fled to a neighbor’s house saying his mother had been shot. That neighbor also called 911.

The situation then developed rapidly, according to Stewart’s account. She said officers forced their way into the home and began a search, and were soon informed that Robert Yacone was still in the home. Officers reportedly found Kim Yacone in the master bedroom, evidently deceased, with injuries to her face and back. The deputies also contacted her husband, who was on a balcony attached to the bedroom. Yacone told the officers that he had a gun and a crisis negotiator immediately began looking for him to surrender.

At 8:46 p.m., just over an hour after the initial 911 call, Stewart said gunshots were exchanged between Yacone and three officers, during which Yacone suffered unspecified gunshot wounds and was transported to a local hospital. The complaint says he sustained multiple injuries to his upper torso and arm. No one else was reported injured. As standard procedure, the three officers leave while a multi-agency task force investigates the shooting.

Yacone’s precise condition is unknown, but Stewart said he is expected to survive his injuries and could be released from the hospital, where he is under surveillance, within the next week.

The warrant for his arrest was issued Tuesday on charges of first-degree murder (voluntary and deliberate), as well as receiving, transporting, or possessing a firearm or destructive device by a felon.

Stewart said the younger child was believed to be safe in the custody of his adult siblings and that three dogs that lived in the home were also safe and unharmed. The investigation at the home continued through Sunday night and Monday until the location was released Tuesday, according to detectives at the news conference.

Forghedaboudit beginnings, legal problems

The couple started Forghedaboudit as a small pizza business in 2013 when they lived in Deming. The business grew in popularity and the Yacones were well known for their involvement in local charity efforts.

As the business grew and their kitchen garnered national awards, the couple planned to expand to a location in Las Cruces; But the Yacones also became known for their behavior, which included heated arguments in full view of customers, controversial social media posts, and repeated criminal complaints against chef Bob Yacone.

Robert Yacone did not contest in 2014 the serious crime of child abuse. When he was charged with a road rage incident in Deming in 2018, he dropped the charge of possession of a firearm while a felon because he received deferred adjudication.

The 2018 case alleged that Yacone had pointed a gun at a motorist during that incident, but he ultimately pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct in Sixth Judicial District Court.

Stewart said DASO had responded to the couple’s home more than a dozen times since January, two of which were for reports of domestic disturbances. In 2020, Bob Yacone had been arrested on a domestic assault charge, but the charge was dropped.

During 2022, Kim Yacone filed petitions seeking protective orders against her husband for domestic violence in February, March, and August. Bob Yacone filed two cross-petitions alleging abuse of her by her. Kim Yacon repeatedly questioned the court of protection saying that the couple was asked to dismiss the counseling orders.

Kim Yacone filed for divorce in February, according to court records, but appeared to stop the process in March. In August, she requested a hearing and a judge was assigned to the process. In recent weeks, she had posted in various Facebook groups on the site seeking to sell some of her belongings, alluding to moving out of her house.

Third District Judge Mary Rosner had signed a temporary order of protection on Friday, September 19. 16, ordering Kim Yacone to leave the home and granting temporary custody of the minor to her husband. A hearing had been set for September 1. 26