Lainez or Alvarado, Tata Martino’s last doubt – Ruben Rodriguez

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The decisions of this process headed by Gerardo Martino have been the subject of more than two years. Javier Hernández and the internal discipline, the moment of the soccer players and their constant calls to the national team, their role outside of concentration and the space given to Mexican football, and now that of taking a striker or not.

The coach of the Mexican National Team is days away from marking his process and what is coming for the Mexican team in the World Cup with a single decision, to take Raúl Jiménez or not, and what it means to leave the one who is in the best rhythm, Santiago Giménez, without the World Cup.

Less than a week to close the final list for the world of Qatar, the coach of the Mexican National Team contemplates a doubt mainly, which has to do with the remaining four players to be cut, after the official announcement of the withdrawal of Jesús Manuel Corona, and that of Roberto Alvarado or Diego Lainez, already that he likes how the Chivas player closed the year and the potential he has, and in his own words he just needs to believe it and know the potential he has to give and exploit according to his conditions and talent.

And with Diego Lainez, who the present is very uncertain and weak, his analysis goes through what he gives him and having him as a revulsive in the Mexican National Team, since when looking for something different he is a player who can offer it or at least It generates uncertainty that something can happen. This doubt shoots her to the end, which is on November 14 before seven at night, since in the matter of Jesús Angulo and Erick Sánchez it is more than decided that their positions are well covered and that they got on the World Cup ship the last months.

On the subject of Raúl Jiménez, he made it clear yesterday afternoon in Girona, when the one who had him contemplated to give him minutes against Sweden, a match on November 16, “came out” and after questioning him about the list He will give it on the 14th, we assume that he will stay with the Wolves striker, who by the way has improved a lot in recent days to the extent that he trains evenly and makes small spaces and hand in hand, or one against one without much problem. In this position, the one who will be left without the World Cup is Santiago Giménez, who, according to the coaching staff, does not have enough hierarchy in the national team to take the place of Henry Martín or Rogelio Funes Mori himself.

Even the management of national teams asked to thoroughly review the competition regulations in case of injury and player substitution 24 hours before the debut in the World Cup, to see if it applied to the situation of Raúl Jiménez and thus contemplate Santiago until the same 21 November, and give Jiménez more days in case pubalgia appeared again, so everyone had to read and study the competition regulations and thus have another option that helps the Mexican team collectively. These days will be fundamental for the Mexican striker (Raúl Jiménez), who, if he does not relapse or present an unexpected annoyance, will be in the Qatar World Cup.


Mario García is very close to joining the Pumas coaching staff. The now coach of Atlante, who is about to play a Final this week, met a few days ago with the board of directors of the university club to see the details of his contract, the proposal and everything he would do, after days ago Rafael Puente will speak directly with him to offer to be his assistant, and thus return to the First Division of Mexican soccer. Miguel Mejía Barón was in charge of leading this meeting, without any regard for the Final to be played, so Mario remained to confirm them in the coming days, although the Pumas coach insists that it is the best option for his work team. , with more than enough reasons, since in Dorados he was in charge of doing all the tactics and strategy under the command of Diego Armando Maradona. Mario García took each and every one of the team’s practices, the same issue at Atlante, although many complained about his character and manners to his teams, he has always trained them in the best way, and now, Rafa wants him on his coaching staff Yes or yes.



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