Lack of specialists will not be solved with Medicine places

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The Medical Profession Forum, in its meeting this Wednesday, once again addressed the problem that exists regarding the increase in places for medical studentseither through the opening of new faculties or through the offer extension up to 15% as it is being processed by the Executive.

As on previous occasions, the Forum recalls that there is not a problem of lack of doctors but of certain specialistsand that increasing the number of graduates without doing the same with the teaching staff, with the offer of Specialized Health Training and the quality of teaching and with job improvements for future specialists will only worsen the problem even more.

No increase in teachers

As already included in the reports of the National Conference of Deans of the Faculties of Medicine (CNDFM) in 2022, in Spain it has been increased the number of students graduated in Medicine by 167% since the year 2005-2006 and 164% the number of faculties that offer the Degree in the last decade, some increases that have occurred without the consequent increase in teaching staffwhose deficit has been estimated at around 3,800 teachers.

The agreement of the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities to increase the offer of places in Medicine by 15%, without addressing the rest of the aspects, makes the members of the Forum fear that a new doctors surplus as happened not so long ago, giving rise to the problem of “mestos” that cost so much to solve, with numerous professionals without the option of accessing the MIR.

Likewise, the Forum recalls that the entrance of more students to the faculties will not result in the incorporation of specialists for at least 11 yearsat which point unemployment rates are likely to rise.

“It is necessary a authentic HR planning and regulatory compliance in force with respect to the homologation of non-community titles for those who need it to practice in the SNS,” he said in a statement.

For all of the above, the Forum considers it appropriate claim funding to cover clinical faculty positions before continuing to increase the number of places for students, a real planning of professionals by specialties and the adjustment of the offer of MIR places to those needs and improvement of medical conditions specialists in the field of care to prevent their flight to other neighboring countries.

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