La Madrastra: networks react to the new version of Televisa

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  • The new remake of ‘La Madrastra’ premiered this Monday, August 15.
  • The telenovela stars Aracely Arámbula and Andrés Palacios.
  • This first installment was crowned with 3.1 million viewers
  • A debut that surpassed its competition by 235 percent, according to a statement from Televisa Univisión.

La Madrastra’ was one of the most watched telenovelas in the history of Mexican television, due to the cast that made it up, since it was starring César Évora and Victoria Ruffo, but now a new version has come out that brings Aracely to the screen Arámbula, leading the main cast, in which Andrés Palacios, Cecilia Gabriela, Marta Julia and Gabriel Soto stand out.

There has been a lot of controversy about it, since they wonder which version they will like the most, since there is a total of 17 years difference between one and the other.

And now, after several weeks of announcements, this Monday the first chapter of the long-awaited telenovela premiered, being the official return of Arámbula, which his character was wonderfully accepted on networks.

However, the novel received good and bad reviews in its debut, so much so that even a series of memes were generated once the first chapter was presented.

It should be noted that this first installment was crowned with 3.1 million viewers, a debut that surpassed its competition by 235 percent, according to a statement from TelevisaUnivisión.

Even the journalist Álvaro Cueva, in his column for Milenio, highlighted that: “Whoever likes it or bothers whoever bothers him, yesterday I saw chapter one of the new version of “La madrastra” and I not only adored it, I am convinced that someone, in 15, 25 or 35 years, will talk about it and defend it with as much love as today we defend the adaptations that were made in 2005, 1996 and 1985″.

Therefore, he urged everyone who read it to: “Fight with all your might to see “La madrastra (2022)” from Monday to Friday at 9:30 p.m. on Las Estrellas, but fight more to compare it, to attack it, for defending her, for empowering herself. She’s going to like it. I really do.”

La Madrastra follows the story of a woman accused and sentenced to prison for a crime she did not commit. Released from prison several years later, she discovers that her husband has a new life and tricked her children into telling them that she was dead.

This new version of “La Madrastra” unlike the first, will only have 50 chapters and the producer Carmen Armendáriz will be in charge of this remake. Likewise, she shared that the story will change some things so that it is not an exact copy of the others.

“It is a story that has been told several times, but a very solid team was put together. It is told in 50 episodes where we have the same story told in a different way, more agile. I changed some characters like him or the murderess” declared Carmen Armendáriz in an interview for “Produ”.

“La madrastra” began recording on June 6 and is scheduled to end on September 21. While its transmission will end on October 21 of this year.