King Charles III expelled Prince Andrew from Buckingham Palace and the royal family

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The King Charles III had to formally expel his brother, the Prince Andrew, of Palace from Buckingham for his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein case, the Queen Isabel relieved him of his royal duties before his death, but he continued to enjoy certain royal privileges, just taken from him by his brother.

King Charles he forbade his brother Andrew use the Palace from Buckingham to receive work or correspondence, so inform «The Sun». He wants to oust him completely and also remove him from anything related to the monarchy.

A royal family source said:

Any presence in the palace is officially over.

The king has made it very clear, he is no longer a true royal worker, he is alone.

Also, the prince andrew you will no longer be able to use the staff you had until now, since Charles III he has asked the staff to stop providing services to him as he will have to fend for himself from now on.

The former Duke of York is devastated by his brother’s decision, as he believed there was some way to regain his position in the Royal family.

The Palace source added:

Before the face-to-face meeting with his brother, Andrés believed that there was a way back and that he could somehow recover and continue to function in the institution, but upon leaving he was in a state of shock, he is also completely lost and very depressed. .

Therefore, some experts think that it is a form of expulsion, it was also revealed that he was not invited to spend Christmas with the King and his familyfor this reason you will have to celebrate Christmas at home with Sarah Ferguson.

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