King Carlos III goes viral on social networks for a derogatory gesture during his proclamation

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King Carlos III is criticized for his behavior.

Photo: Victoria Jones – WPA Pool / Getty Images

The King Carlos III was proclaimed last Saturday after the death of his mother, queen elizabeth ii. The ceremony was held at the St. James Palace and to the surprise of the citizens it was broadcast on television, a fact that no one had ever been able to witness until today.

However, that was not the only striking thing that was presented at such an important moment after having Elizabeth II as queen for seven decades, after her physical departure at the age of 96. William and Harry’s father made an outstanding gesture that has undoubtedly gone around the world.

The queen’s son had to sit down to sign some documents that he had in his hand. Therefore, he needed space on the desk to do it, and that is With a special gesture, he asked one of the camera assistants to remove one of the inkwells. who were occupying the table.

The moment when the king made that request went viral in just seconds on all platforms, because his face did not reflect even a bit of kindness when asking for things to be removed from the place, while seeing the movement he makes with his hands, which few support.

However, there are people who have defended it at all costs, since opinions remain divided by thinking that the inkwells should not even exist anymore, if so, that should never have been occupying the desk where he was going to leave his signature.

A bum”, “A parasite“, “A king with a star”, “Prince Charles has a servant who is in charge, among other functions, of putting toothpaste on his toothbrush”, “How useless you are”, “Despot”, “Nefarious“, “Prepotent”, “What stupidity to have a monarchy in the XXI century”, “Well, we started very badly”, were some of the impressions generated by the video.

“My mother set an example of undying love and selfless service. My mother’s reign was unparalleled in its length, dedication, and devotion. I am deeply grateful for the constant support of my beloved wife,” she mentioned during her speech.

William of Wales was already named as the heir, while Camilla remained as Queen consort.

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