King Carlos III goes to trial with Elon Musk because of Twitter

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The King Charles III is suing the owner of the social network Twitter, Elon Musk, It remains in the center of the storm, because in addition to thousands of layoffs, the rapid drop in costs has forced the tycoon to fulfill his duty to pay the rent.

For this reason, the social network Twitter was sued by the Crown State (Crown Estate) in the United Kingdom, the company that manages the real estate portfolio of the king charles IIfor failing to pay rent for his office in London.

The royal group is suing Twitter after previously contacting the social media company over non-payment of rent, and the two parties are still in contact seeking an effective solution to the issue, it reported.The Daily Telegraph«.

So far, all Twitter branding and logos have been removed from the London office, but the Twitter company Elon Musk keep using them.

Crown State manages properties worth approximately $19.2 billion, including 241 properties located in central London. Because the estates are part of the British monarchy, three-quarters of the royal offices’ net profit of $384 million goes to British public spending, with the rest returned to the crown.

The properties are managed by professionals in the field, having at King Charles III almost completely removed from the daily operations of all the offices that generate millions for the country, does not prevent the King mandate constructive uses for profits generated by businesses.

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