King Carlos III draws attention for modifying the crown of Queen Elizabeth II

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Preparations have begun for the coronation of the King Carlos III, The celebration is scheduled for 2023, but as it is a world-class event, everything must be ready as soon as possible and the first sign that the plans for the coronation are moving forward will be the changes in the crown of Saint Edward so that the monarch can wear it. that day.

The Crown is several years old and has been worn by previous monarchs as the Queen isabel IIbut after the queen’s death on September 8, the King Charles III took office, but won’t officially get it until 2023.

According to information released by Buckingham Palace, the coronation of the next King will take place in the westminster abbey on May 6, 2023, it is expected that the King Charles III will use more than 3 billion dollars in jewels on the day of his coronation, among the relics that he will wear are the Edward’s Crown and the imperial crown.

The Crown is made of gold and is also decorated with rubies, amethysts, topazes, sapphires and garnets, it also has a purple velvet cap, which appears in various emblems of the UK representative institutions.

It was created in 1661 and was used by the King Charles II and the Queen isabel II in their respective coronation ceremonies and was used for the last time on September 8, 1953 for the coronation the Queen isabel II, which passed away on September 8, 2022.

St Edward’s Crown was removed from the Tower of London on Saturday to make the necessary changes to accommodate the size of the King Charles IIIsince the Crown was the size of the Queen isabel II, According to some media, they revealed that the circumference of the relic will be increased and some precious stones added to it, it is not clear how long these arrangements will take, but they should be ready by May 6, 2023. The decision was poorly received by a small group of Internet users, who apparently do not know how coronations work.

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