Kim Kardashian Cries While Talking About Parenting With Kanye West

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kim kardashian kanye west
Kim Kardashian opens up about her co-parenting with Kanye West | Photo: AFP

The separation process between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West after seven years of being together it has been complicated for the socialite, although from her own words, the most difficult thing has been raise their children with the rapper So she regretted it between tears in an interview for the podcast Angie Martinez IRL from CNN.

What did Kim Kardashian say about raising her children with Kanye West?

kim kardashian He spoke for more than an hour on various topics, but he couldn’t help but burst into tears when he touched on the subject of the co-parenting with his ex-partner Kanye West. From his perspective, it is a “fucking complicated” issue, as he has tried to hide from his children the various controversies of the musician.

“If they don’t know the things that are said, what happens out there, why would that negative energy infect them? It’s very heavy, adult shit that they’re not prepared to deal with. When they are, we’ll have a conversation. I’ll be ready, but until that day, I’ll try to keep his life as normal as possible.”

kim kardashian

The model and businesswoman also recognized that, in order to guarantee the happiness and well-being of her children, she does not prevent them from listening to their father’s music Kanye West and he even begins to sing with them to give the impression that there is no major problem between them and they can live with the impression of a normal life.

“When we go to school, they want to hear his dad’s music. No matter what we’re going through, I have to have a smile on my face, sing along with them And act like nothing’s wrong. As soon as I drop them off at school, I cry,” she declared.

kim kardashian He also confessed to the interviewer Angie Martinez who has in mind the best memories and experiences of his father, robert kardashianso that North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3, can have a memorable childhood.

Everything the socialite must do to protect her children

Throughout the last few months, Kanye West He has not only insulted the alleged partners of his ex-wife, like he did with pete davidsonbut both they lashed out at each other following their separation. To hide these situations, the socialite has to restrict her family’s access to social networks and the media.

“I am clinging to a thread and I know that at any moment it is going to break. But as long as it stays like this, I will protect them to the end for as long as I can,” he said. kim kardashianat the same time that he acknowledged being a victim of the challenges of co-parenting with a figure like the rapper now known as “yeah“.

Since the separation between the two was consummated, the socialite has tried to establish other affective relationships, always receiving assaults by his ex-partner, and he acknowledged that he already hesitates to go out with other people so as not to “put someone in that situation”, although he questioned: “why would i have to live that way?“.

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