Kate del Castillo was the partner of a Televisa heartthrob 10 years younger than her

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Love has been an important part of life of Kate del Castillo. As one of the Mexican actresses with the greatest presence in Hollywood for a couple of decades, Kate has carried out her personal facet with her work, resulting in complex stories and loves that were left in the middle.

As a determined woman, independent and always thrown forward, Del Castillo has known how to interact with men of various professional fields and ages, leaving as a result two failed marriages and, between those, an intense love with a TV and series actor who took him to the altar for the second time in his life and who was ten years younger than her.

It seems that things did not go as she would have wanted, since that love only lasted three years with their marriage bond and, since then, Kate decided to be more discreet with love and not give herself over to the idea of ​​having a third husband again, something that it is not known if he will have again in his life.

Kate falls in love and marries Aarón Díaz

Within the wide range of couples that Kate of the Castle has had in his life, one that stood out for his masculine presence and youth was Aaron Diaz, the TV and series actor who conquered him at the end of the 2000s and who led him to the altar after she had already gone through this same years ago, when got married with him then soccer player Luis Garcia.

It was then that Kate married Aarón Díaz in 2009when she was 37 years old and he was 27. The age difference, at that time, did not seem to be an impediment for love to flow between them, all this until two or three years later they broke the news of a separation with no return.

It did not take long for him to forget about Aaron, since a few months later he was related to the then mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, who accompanied him at a pre-Grammy party. In the same way, it was learned that she, already divorced, undertook some outings with her co-star in “La Reina del Sur”, the actor Spanish Ivan Sanchez.

Other loves from her past

If we go back years, before we had to Aaron Diaz as a husband, Kate of the Castle I had already walked a long and complex path of couples. Among the most prominent is the former soccer player and now successful sports commentator, Louis Garcia, with whom he surprised in 2001 by marrying and, as was noted, enjoying a great love.

Three years passed and amid strong rumors of infidelity, the separation came. The reality of this relationship is that Garcia cannot even mention her, publicly or privately, since he does not keep a pleasant memory of her. In 2007, she revealed in a book that the separation could have been due to Garcia’s domestic violence towards her, something that he denied and since then he does not want to know anything about her.

To finish off another public relationship, Kate del Castillo was dating Demian Bichir, also a successful actor and once nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor. This love occurred after both coincided in the tape “American Visa”, after her divorce from Luis Garcia and before Diaz.

Bichir does have good memories of her and once mentioned her as a woman in whom she saw a family, as the future mother of her children and a friend for life.


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