Kate del Castillo experienced “disastrous” moments as an actress

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Kate del Castillo has faced “nefarious” actors in the past. Photo: Darkroom

Kate del Castillo lived “dire” situations In her past as an actress, the Mexican revealed exclusively for UnoTV.com that he had to face very uncomfortable moments during the filming of some scenes and he also had to work with people who took advantage of the moment to surpass themselves.

“Many times I found myself in unpleasant situations, with disastrous actors, doing scenes that put you in a very vulnerable moment because the camera is running and you are working,” said the actress.

Kate del Castillo, producer

The Mexican added that several co-workers took advantage of the fact that the camera was rolling: “The workplace has to be a place where you feel completely safe because if it isn’t it’s not fair to anyone, why doesn’t anyone mess with me when I’m not there?” running the camera, there if I can defend myself, when they turn on the camera, no ”.

Therefore, now as producer of the series “To fall again”, Kate del Castillo it is of utmost importance that the actors feel comfortable with what they do, with the production and with their partners, including intimate scenes.

“You have to know how to be a good leader and I have always taken care of all my colleagues when I have been the head of the cast, because it seems very important to me that there is a voice that speaks and asks for justice,” he said Kate del Castillo.

The also protagonist of the project based on the work of Leo Tolstoy “Anna Karenina”She is convinced that now that she is a producer, she will take care of her people, especially when they have to shoot strong, intimate or nude scenes.

“I want to know that my actress is completely safe, that she is protected, that she is involved and agrees to what is going to be done or if she needs something, that she at least has a friend there.”

Kate del Castillo, producer

Kate del Castillo proud to have filmed in Mexico

The series “Falling Again” is a story of love, betrayal, happiness and loss, where Kate del Castillo She plays the title role, Anna Montes de Oca, an Olympic gold medal-winning diver and national hero of Mexico who has an affair with a young musician played by Maxi Iglesias.

The production was filmed in CDMX and Tlaxcala, which fills everyone with happiness. Kate del Castillo: “It makes me more proud to be able to return to Mexico and work in my country with a high-level production, it seems very important to me in general that Latinos see a high-level product in our language.”

The first two episodes of “Volver a caer” are already available on the digital platform and there are a total of six, Maxi Iglesias, Rubén Zamora, Lucía Gómez-Robledo, Edwarda Gurrola and Martín Altomaro, accompany Kate del Castillo in the cast

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