Kate del Castillo celebrates her 50th birthday with a photo in a swimsuit

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The actress turned 50 years old. Photo: Getty Images

The famous actress Kate del Castillo turned 50 years old and, as part of his celebration, he posted a couple of photos on his Instagram account, where he wore a black swimsuit. After the publication, many sent congratulations.

Among the congratulations, he highlighted that of the Mexican actor Alexander Speitzerwhich said: “Happy birthday, dear, big hug.”

Kate del Castillo’s message on Instagram was “Welcome 50’s”, with three heart emoticons in black, just like her swimsuit. Not only the artists congratulated the interpreter, but also the journalist Lydia Cacho He wrote: “Happy birthday, beautiful friend, may the best come.”

His fans posted various messages, such as:

  • “I love you with all my heart, Kate, happy birthday!”
  • Beautifulthousands of blessings Happy 50 s”
  • “Congratulations and keep adding more, God bless you greatly”

Most of the messages Kate of the Castle they were positive; In addition, many highlighted her beauty. The actress gained notoriety by participating in the series “La Reina del Sur”; A few days ago, it was reported that the actress leads a group of women in her new production, “Armas de mujer”, and she is accompanied by actresses Sylvia Sáenz, Roselyn Sánchez and Jeimy Osorio.

In “Armas de mujer”, Kate del Castillo is part of a group of four women who have no other alternative and resort to violence to survive a world of thugs and drug traffickers, an issue that has been bearing fruit for a long time.

On various occasions, Kate del Castillo has caused controversyeither by their statements or by their changes of look.

In September, Kate del Castillo surprised her followers again and, after appearing with changes in her face, the actress was now seen a few years older. Through her Instagram stories, the famous one showed her characterization as a mature woman.

  • The postcard, which caused a stir among his followers, and which was taken up by several social media accounts, shows Kate del Castillo with hair completely covered in gray hair.

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