Karsdorp’s three attitudes against Sassuolo that would have unleashed Mourinho’s fury

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Just in yesterday’s game against Sassuolo Jose Mourinho he noticed three attitudes of Rick Karsdorp which infuriated him. And that was the reason that made him unleash first in the locker room, then in post-game interviews. The classic fall that broke the camel’s back. “The team’s effort was betrayed by an unprofessional player’s attitude. He betrayed everyone else. The mistake is part of the game, the unprofessional and incorrect attitude towards the partners. I am sorry. I already said it in the locker. room and I don’t do it much, after the games I don’t talk much with the team. I had sixteen players on the field, I liked the attitude of fifteen. I didn’t like one and told him to look for another team January even if it’s difficulthe.”

Karsdorp entered Mourinho’s sights, tired of his attitudes. The coach watched him for a long time at the away game in Reggio Emilia and was deeply disappointed. The first moment of nervousness was just at the moment of his entrance to the field counts Corriere dello Sport. The Dutchman from the moment he was called from the warm-up zone took too long to return to the bench, put on his shirt and enter. A staff member asked him to speed up but there was no way, to the point that Mourinho had to give him tactical instructions while the player changed.

So Mourinho did not go unnoticed by the winger’s behavior after Abraham’s goal. While all the players who were in the area waiting for Mancini’s cross (but also the entire Giallorossi bench) were running towards the English center forward who finally found the net and let go, Karsdorp turned and went to talk to Cristante, “ guilty” of not having rewarded his inclusion in the penalty area but that he preferred to unload laterally for the winning assist. While the whole team celebrated a goal that could have been decisive, he instead got nervous with a teammate who preferred another passing solution. Only at the end of the celebrations did Karsdorp go to Abraham to congratulate him on the goal.

Then Sassuolo’s goal. Totally disoriented, Karsdorp loses the mark on Laurentiè and leaves him free to cross into the penalty area, where Pinamonti collects the ball to put it in the net. His trot back to the area and his arm raised to ask for an elusive offside set off Mourinho who at the end of the game rebuked him in front of the entire team. The coach took the coaching staff, the workers and the squad out of the locker room to speak alone with the players. Then the rest is history.

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