Karla Panini exploded against Karla Luna’s son

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This new lawsuit between the presenter and the young Rubén Luna began because she wished a happy birthday to one of the daughters of Karla Luna and Américo Garza, but an Internet user mentioned that she should let the little girl live with her maternal family.

Given this, Panini specified that the brothers of the minors have had the opportunity to see them, but they have preferred to do media shows.

After this, Rubén Luna did not miss the opportunity to claim him and remind him that there are obstacles that they have not been able to overcome, so what Karla Panini said would be lies to defame him and his family.

Well, he commented in the same publication that “we have had the opportunities from the law. The judge is the one who is determining the coexistence, Panini. Stop misrepresenting this situation, which only promotes lies.

Therefore, when evidenced by the young man, the comedian did not hesitate for a second to defend herself and attacked the young Luna with everything, even insulting him despite the fact that he wrote the message cordially and without saying bad words.

In her extensive response, Karla Panini did not hesitate to undermine Karla Luna’s son for allegedly not having studies; Even before blocking him from networks, she asked him to express her disagreements with Américo Garza, so that she would leave her alone.