Karely Ruiz’s tips for success on OnlyFans

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  • OnlyFans register more than 100 million users.

  • In the social network for adults are over 1 million creators worldwide.

  • Karely Ruiz has become one of the influencers most followed in the country.

Without a doubt, the most popular social network of the moment is OnlyFans. And it is that in this space where people sell any type of content to their subscribers, Success stories have been recorded, such as that of the model, Karely Ruiz, who shared her key advice to those who are interested in creating a fortune on the adult platform.

The platform, which launched in 2016, records that it has paid out more than $3 billion in creator earnings, making it the choice for more than 100 million registered users and more than 1 million creators around the world.

Given this, as the popularity of this platform has skyrocketed, in Mexico there is a name that is a clear example of the success that can be had on this social network and That is the influencer Karely Ruiz, who charges 16 dollars (320 Mexican pesos) per month. Given this, it is estimated that the model has an estimated fortune of 2 million dollars, money that, although it is variable due to taxes from the platform, is likely to grow month by month.

Karely Ruiz’s tips for success on OnlyFans

Through his participation in the YouTube program, keeping up with LA DIVAZA, the influencers mexicana shared what are the main steps that people who want to have an OnlyFans account must take.

Ruiz, who has a community of millions of followers on the adult platform and on his Facebook group, He commented that it is not important to have plastic surgeries to enter the world of OnlyFans.

“When I started OnlyFans I had no surgery, and it went super well. That is already a plus, ”she said.

He also explained that that first month he managed raise 800 Mexican pesos, so now he has a great fortune.

The content creator for OnlyFans highlighted that she has invested her money in various businesses, and also counted how much a photo of armpits sells for, which can be around 2,000 pesos.

It is not the first time that the influencer has participated in a program and tells how she has succeeded in OnlyFans, well let’s remember when he participated in Adela Micha’s program “La Saga”, going viral.

On that occasion, the 21-year-old model highlighted that “I have already been on OnlyFans for two years. It’s like Instagram, you upload photos and people pay a monthly subscription. I charge 16 dollars, although the most expensive that is charged is 32 or 35 dollars. I charged 30 dollars, but many people do think about whether or not to pay 30 dollars. Right now I charge less, but I have more people,” said the model.

And this is how the fame of this figure has become popular in Mexico, where her followers have created various products with the woman’s face, such as Karely Ruiz tortillas, or until this January 6th when the Rosca de Reyes emerged with OnlyFans model theme.

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