Karely Ruiz: They run her from the market when she wanted to sell her clothes

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Karely Ruiz: They run her from the market when she wanted to sell her clothes
The young woman narrated the incident in her networks. Photo: Instagram Karely Ruiz

the famous influencer Karen Ruiz She tried to sell her clothes in a market, however, the young woman said that a woman, a local vendor, did not let her offer her clothes to people, as she assured that she “had no need” to do so and they ran her away.

Through a live broadcast on your official account Facebook, Karen Ruiz 22 years old he explained that he had saved some of his clothes to later sell them in the market; Upon arrival at the place, the famous influencer asked permission to offer her merchandise.

Karely Ruiz wanted to sell clothes but they did not let her

But when she began to sell her clothes, at a low price, a saleswoman began to rebuke her: “The lady arrives and says: ‘This old woman, what does she think? It’s that you don’t need to sell, only people in need are the ones who come to sell, you don’t. You have money’, I’m not stealing, I’m selling, envy was noted”.

During the live broadcast, Karen Ruiz She assured that she did it for a noble cause because the proceeds were going to be donated to a man who is usually in the area and asks for alms.

“I was very excited”

The young woman was accompanied by some friends, to whom she commented on the bad action of the lady who did not allow her to sell, despite suffering the snub, Karen Ruiz he moved his merchandise into a parking lot and that’s where he sold some clothes.

“It gave me a lot of courage, I told my friends, what a bad vibe, I was very excited, we used to sell at the market, that’s why. We got into the parking lot further down the road and sold some, not all of it.”

  • The young woman gained a lot of notoriety in social networks for her content on the platform of onlyfans

In an interview with Roberto Mtzthe influencer He said that he does not always want to live on said platform, so at the moment he works very hard to start various businesses, in addition, he intends to open his channel on YouTube, which does not yet have a release date at the moment.

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