Karely Ruiz shows off her new luxury sports car | PHOTOS

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One more time, the model of OnlyFans Karely Ruiz He gave something to talk about on social networks. On this occasion, she showed off his new car: a luxury Chevrolet Corvette, which has an approximate value of 3 million pesos in agency.

Through her Instagram, she released photographs in which we see her posing next to the sports car, which It is painted pink and has a large gold bow on the part of the awning..

In the publication, he took the opportunity to refer to his famous lawsuit with Marcela Mistralwife Nigris Ponchowriting: “What do you sell? What do you advertise? I am very happy for my car gift,” he wrote.

Hundreds of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments appeared on the photo on her Instagram profile with more than 7.2 million followers, congratulating her on her new acquisition.

Through his stories, he released some other images in which he shows his car, others in which he responds to criticism he received: “Look what the ‘chubby’ bought, and what did you buy, model body?“.

After a few hours, she shared a new story, in which she sends one more message to the people who criticized her: “I do see many schemes, “he writes with a laugh. “You can too but you prefer to criticize”.

According to the Chevrolet page, an agency Corvette is priced from 2 million 815 thousand 900 pesos and up to 3 million 235 thousand 400 weights, depending on the version.

How much money does Karely Ruiz earn?

Last September, karely ruiz revealed to the show SNSerious of MULTIMEDIA which has approximately 10,000 followers, who pay a subscription of 16 dollars per month, that is, approximately 320 Mexican pesos. This results in about 160 thousand dollars, or almost 3.2 million pesos per month.

But he has other income. Well, he has also said that he charges between 100,000 and 150,000 pesos for doing personalized videos for your fans; and, in the case of hisprivate showscharges an amount ranging from 10, 20 and up to 300 thousand pesos to also cover their expenses.



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