Kanye West throws cell phone at woman for recording it; video goes viral

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Kanye West got upset with a woman who was recording him. Photos: Darkroom / AFP

the popular rapper Kanye West is in the eye of the hurricane, after, in the style of Bad Bunnytook the cell phone of a woman who was recording it and, without further ado, threw it out into the street.

In a videowhich has been viralizedit is observed how the interpreter of “Praise God” Y “Stronger” he angrily exclaims to the woman recording him: “If I tell you to stop, stop with your cameras”.

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Kanye West would be investigated for assault

The event was reminiscent of what was done by the singer Bad Bunny, who a few weeks ago snatched the cell phone from a fan who wanted to take a picture with him and threw it into the sea.

In the case of West, according to the site TMZthere would be an ongoing investigation by the assaultalthough it was not detailed if the woman was a fan or paparazzi.

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In the recording, Kanye West is observed rebuking the woman who records it, who is inside her car.

“How is he going to meet me like that? If I say stop, stop with your cameras.”to which the woman replies: “I know, but you’re a celebrity.”

Visibly angry, the rapper snatches the cell phone from the woman’s hands and he throws it out into the street to return to the truck where he was traveling.

The Bad Bunny Case

At the beginning of the year, Bad Bunny It became a trend after he threw a fan’s cell phone into the sea.

The situation occurred in Dominican Republic and, as a result of the episode, the protagonist of the incident decided to take legal action against the reggaeton player for the aggression.

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After what happened with the fan and her cell phone, Bad Bunny responded through his account Twittersaying that he will always receive his fans with “attention and respect”, but those who address him with a cell phone in their faces, he will not wrap them up that way.

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