Kanye West breaks the silence: “I lost two billion dollars in one day”

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During the last few weeks, Kanye West has been the victim of criticism due to his anti-Semitic comments, what caused the commercial rupture with various brands, including Adidas, with whom he had one of the most valuable contracts.

As reported Forbes, the termination of the contract by the German brand has cost West his billionaire statusas his fortune fell aggressively from $1.3 trillion to $400 million. Nevertheless, Celebrity Net Worth points out that the rapper’s heritage, before the controversy, It was valued at four billion dollars.

After that, the interpreter of ‘Gold Digger‘ returned to social media to send a strong message to all those who have broken commercial ties with him, especially the CEO of Endeavor, Ari Emmanuel, who He recently petitioned Spotify and Apple Music to remove the rapper’s music catalog from their platforms.

Kanye West breaks the silence: “I lost two billion dollars in one day”

According to what was published by the same artist, he lost two billion dollars in a single day, since – in addition to Adidas – Gap, Balenciaga and Vogue are other brands that parted ways with the artist after his controversial statements.

Ari Emmanuel, I lost two billion dollars in one day and I’m still alive. This is a declaration of love. I still love them. God still loves us. Money is not who I am. People are who I am.”, He expressed in a post shared through his official Instagram account.

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Yeezy searches skyrocket

After the commercial rupture with Adidas and Gap, searches on where it is sold ‘Yeezy‘ – the rapper’s mark – shot up more than 500 percent because from now on It will be practically impossible to get it.

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