Kai Cenat is banned from Twitch for consuming marijuana live

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To this day, and although his name may not ring a bell for a large part of the Hispanic community, kai cenat He is one of the greatest figures of all twitchreaching to surpass in subscribers to the own xQc.

But, despite being at his peak of popularity, the North American streamer has not ceased, at any time, to be controversial in their direct The last of the troubles she has gotten herself into happened just a few days ago.

On January 24, Kai Cenat ingested, live, marijuana edibles. What, at first, seemed like a mere joke, soon became a problem after the streamer passed out on camera.

As is logical, this type of behavior is totally prohibited on the Amazon-owned platform, so since January 26, the controversial content creator is banned from twitch.

At the moment, it is unknown how long Kai Cenat will be away from the direct ones, although, taking into account the reasons, we can assume that he will remain. a long time in the shade.

Still, the streamer seems to have taken this ban with the best humor possible. “I was banned before the subathon, I haven’t even been live,” she joked on her personal Twitter account.


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