Junk food: tougher measures for schools

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The Chamber of Deputies prohibited the sale and advertising of fast food inside and outside schools, together with stricter measures, as well as its advertising inside and in the vicinity of schools.

According to the Chamber of Deputiesit is intended to have Healthy School Environments, that is why the opinion has the purpose of promoting and guaranteeing the healthy nutrition in schools, eliminating all those factors that put health at risk.

It is proposed to establish specific provisions, which are not currently considered in the current legislation and that need to be updated, to achieve the effective protection of the health and nutrition of our children and adolescents in schools”, said deputy Fatima Cruz.

In addition, it will be the obligation of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) to publish guidelines for the preparation, distribution and sale of junk food and prepared, processed beverages and bulk food, within schools, so that it complies with the nutritional criteria.

These criteria must be changed every five years, with the support of the Ministry of Health.

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Likewise, it obliges the state and municipal governments to adapt their laws, regulations and other legal provisions in a maximum of two years.

The initiative also prohibits advertising and regulates vending machines and bulk food, also points out that its importance lies in the fact that it is in schools where children and young people spend a large part of their time and where they have access to food that is not conducive to their healthy development.

Deputy Armando Contreras Castillo said that reforms were included to correct the omissions in the General Law of Education, through the definitive prohibition of sale of junk food and sugary drinks in schools preschool, primary and secondary schools throughout the country.

In addition to the above, it asks that the cooperatives, school consumption establishments, canteens and vending machines or their equivalents, undertake to promote healthy lifestyles in food, against junk food.

In 2021, the Senate of the Republic approved to ban the sale of junk food inside the schools, however, with this opinion modifications are added.

This legislation complements the one approved in the previous Legislature regarding the legal obligation of companies to incorporate the labeling of foods and beverages with a high content of sugars, saturated fats, sodium or calories”, said Deputy Jacqueline Hinojosa Madrigal.

Now the reform against junk food, was sent to the Senate of the Republic, to be ratified and enter into force.



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