Jungkook’s theory that proves to be the reincarnation of Princess Diana (VIDEO)

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According to the death of Queen isabel II, Certain speculations that have been generated in social networks are in trend, since a theory of reincarnation emerged, where many express that Jungkook bears some resemblance to the Princess Diana of Welsh, seeing their appearance, their way of expressing themselves and sharing iconic moments that unites them, therefore ARMY I create an album of photos and videos that demonstrate them.

Jungkook’s theory as a reincarnation of Princess Diana of Wales, was demonstrated by seeing the shocking evidence that ARMY created, in a list of videos and photographs, where the deceased princess can be seen, in comparative moments, on her gestures and smile which turn out to be very similar to those of the idol.

Being a joke by parts of netizens south koreans, It was a trend quickly on social networks to see the resemblance between Jungkook and the mother of the princes William Y Enrique, assuring the followers that it is a crazy story, where they justify that Jungkook is the reincarnation of Diana Wales, because the member was born on September 1, 1997, with which from that date, the princess lost her tragic life in a car accident on August 31, 1997.

Observing through the videos, the similarity of his personality, in transmitting nobility, his remarkable sympathy, charismatic character and enjoying the moments as every star or celebrity does: