Jungkook from BTS to military service? The agency issued a statement

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Jungkook of bts will present the military service?. Here the details.

Jungkook, will be the last member of the group to perform compulsory military service in South Korea, although the CEO of HYBE, recently admitted that the company still has no military plans for members, except for Jin, who is currently waiting for the call.

In the years prior to the confirmation of the military enlistment of Jin, the South Korean government was debating what to do with the members of BTS and the other groups of kpop who have made great contributions to Korean culture through Kpop.

But recently, Big Hit Music, made a statement confirming that the interpreter of «The Astronaut», he would be the first member to do his mandatory military service.

The CEO of HYBE, He said the company expects a decline in the group’s sales as the artists serve out in the military. He also admitted that the dates that the other artists are going to perform have not been decided yet.

However, it is speculated that the last member of the group will be presented at the end of the year 2023, since the company hopes to have the complete group in mid-2025, at the moment the members will focus on their solo careers.

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