Jungkook and Taehyung’s intimate hints that have their fans speculating

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jungkook Y taehyung They are the two minor members of the group that has the entire music industry paralyzed: bts. The South Korean septet has been producing and promoting their music for 9 years, they have been the subject of conversation for hundreds of reasons, but one of the most common is to question the relationship between taehyung with jungkook, are they more than friends?

The fans of the group, or army as they call themselves, they have been speculating about it for a couple of years, and they have some theories that are not entirely far-fetched, after all, the two boys met quite young, and they have spent a large part of their lives together, they have even slept together for a long time, and in general, they have everything in their favor for feelings to grow.

According to his fans, it is very likely that they cannot have a relationship openly due to factors such as the South Korean culture, which is not very friendly with the community LGBT and that they would not welcome courtship, they could even lose their careers. There is also the business factor, since the company that manages them and owns the brand bts, HYBEprobably not allow them to openly declare themselves homosexual to avoid losing millions,

With this scenario, the young couple has no choice but to show their love on the few occasions they can, and that was exactly what they did in a recent video where we can see how jungkook play with messy hair taehyungY taehyung responds by touching and caressing the crotch of jungkook.

In addition, you can notice some tension in the environment and jungkook he even gets nervous. Below we leave you the video in question.

All of this of course is fan speculation, but the chemistry and tension between the two is undeniable. what do you think?

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