JuanSGuarnizo explodes against TV Azteca; what did they ask you?

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  • Between May 2021 and May 2022, the use of the streaming increased more than 21 percent.

  • Twitch has an average of 140 million monthly users that leave more than 2 trillion hours of viewing every 30 days.

  • In contrast, according to Statista, in 2022 YouTube had an average of 2.6 billion usersthat is, 20 times more than the purple platform.

This 2023 started on the right foot for lovers of streaming in Mexico, since it was the capital of the country where the awards were held ESLAND 2023 with the presence of the top topics of popular culture of the moment and international personalities who are standing out on platforms such as Twitch or TikTok, but also with extensive media coverage. In that context, It was TV Azteca, one of the largest television stations, which stood out for making Colombian JuanSGuarnizo angry.

Among the most famous attendees, nominees, and winners that continue to shine are Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg, Ari Gameplays, Amablitz, El Mariana, among others.

This award was a worldwide ceremony that highlighted the importance of the streaming in the new era, where content creators interact with Internet users through opinions, games, interests and added personalization values. The basis of the event is to recognize the effort of virality in which the streamer emerges as a public figure and becomes a companion of a community, generating a special relationship between sender and receiver.

Among the most important categories that stood out were: Streamer of the Year, Anger of the Year, Revelation Streamer, Clip of the Year, Best Mini Series, Best Content Series, Song of the Year, Event of the Year, Dance of the Year, Fail of the Year, Roleplayer of the year, Streamer tiktoker of the year.

And it is that Twitch and YouTube are the main platforms that allow this synchrony through the broadcast of video game games, music, lifestyle, talks and reactions to entertainment and sports events.

In fact, according to data from twitch trackerin May 2022 the number of active channels in the purple network was 7.2 million and the Study of Social Networks 2022 from IAB Spain and Elogia concluded that this network was positioned with the increase in spontaneous awareness among Internet users, along with YouTube and TikTok.

JuanSGuarnizo explodes against TV Azteca; what did they ask you?

In addition to his participation and having won the RolePlayer of the Year award, Juan Sebastián Guarnizo highlighted a key moment for him at ESLAND 2023, where he experienced an uncomfortable moment with the Mexican press, especially due to an interview with TV Azteca.

The streamer, Originally from Colombia, he was in Mexico City during the event, but it was days later when he made public his annoyance with the media when he realized that the interview they did was not published in its entirety due to the response that he gave to the reporter.

As he explained in a broadcast, JuanSGuarnizo he left the interview halfway when asked a question completely unrelated to his work, he has 6.15 million subscribers on his social media channels.

“It turns out that the first thing they ask me is: ‘Juan, how are you, with the nomination, how do you feel?’ ‘Not very well, happy, I’m excited, blah, blah, blah’. Then they tell me: “And how do you see that everything is here in Mexico?’, ‘No, well, cool, incredible, it’s something beautiful, blah, blah, blah’”.

“Then suddenly this man comes and tells me: ‘about Shakira and Piqué, what is your opinion about it?'”

@alphavennus AHAHAHAHAHAHA #juansguarnizo #juaniquilador #juansguanizo #for you #juansguarnizoclip #fypシ #fyp #tvazteca ♬ Rock and Roll Session – Canal Records JP

After the reporter’s insistence on linking Juan Guarnizo with Shakira’s “BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53”, and the controversy generated with former soccer player Gerar Piqué, the streamer did not hesitate to launch himself against the Mexican television station.

“He tells me: ‘and in the Kings League group of presidents, how do you see Piqué?’ I told him: ‘I don’t know, I only talk about football, thanks’ and I retired”.

Why didn’t they upload it? They lack hu *** goat ***, I wanted them to upload the p *** clip of the van, ”the streamer exploded when telling how his experience with the press was.

As expected, his followers immediately reacted to the story and to the TV Azteca image, linking the reporter and the embarrassing interview to the entertainment program “Ventaneando.”

However, this short review of his time in Mexico and ESLAND 2023 became viral and brought Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s television station into the digital conversation, reaching more than 300,000 “likes” only in clips shared by TikTok and close to 2 millions of views among the fandom channels that share the most controversial fragments of their live broadcasts.

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