Juanpa Zurita denies rumors about houses of victims in a documentary

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Juanpa Zurita faced harsh criticism and shows it in a documentary. Photo: Instagram.

Juanpa Zurita will premiere the documentary “13:14 The Challenge of Helping” in Prime Video the next 16 of Septembera job where, according to the content Generator, shows how the four years it took to rebuild the houses of the inhabitants of Ocuilan, in the State of Mexicobehind the earthquake that affected several states of the Republic in 2017. A project for which the content creator was harshly criticized, as even some media outlets and community residents accused him of being a “liar and a thief.”

they hit me hardbut I think it’s okay, everyone says it was the media hazing for me, “he shared Juanpa Zurita in an exclusive interview for UnoTv.com.

“I thought it was going to take us about six months to finish because I had never built anything in my life, since I was late, the criticism began, I realized for the first time that there is yin and yang, I was very small.”

Juanpa Zurita

Juanpa Zurita assured that doing this project made him mature after the criticism he received: “of course it hurt because I was very young and believed in a world of possibilities of love, like SpongeBob and I found out that no, there will always be a black side, but that made me focus more and hurry up.”

What you should know about the documentary “13:14 The Help Challenge”

The new documentary which is produced by Eugenio Derbezwill arrive at the platform Prime Video on September 16 and recounts, from various points of view, what happened from the day Juanpa Zurita He wanted to do something for the victims of the earthquake that shook various cities in Mexico in 2017.

“I’ve been working on various projects like Love Somalia and Love Filipias for a long time, so I asked us to do one in my country, that’s why I got in touch with my friend Pambo.”

“We started talking to our friends and acquaintances and this exploded, everyone wanted to help,” added the also Mexican model.

For her part, the singer-songwriter Pambo He stressed that they wanted to show solidarity because, like any citizen, they felt powerless over what had happened and wanted to do something about it.

“In the documentary we show what happens after someone has good intentions, takes up a cause and what it means afterwards. We didn’t know what we were getting into.”

declared the singer.

The content creator shared that in documentary film you can see the point of view of them, engineers, families and public figures, so it is a production with many perspectives and an impartial point of view.

“We collected more than one million 300 thousand dollars and you can check that in www.lovearmymexco.comhere comes all the info”, added Zurita.

Juanpa Zurita and Pambo created a close relationship with the community

the community of Ocuilan, in the State of Mexicowas chosen by Juanpa Zurita and Pambo to help because of the size of the devastation and the location: “we had certain resources and we couldn’t help just a few in one area, they had to be all of them and also because of the location it was more viable for us to be able to go often because it’s close to CDMX ”.

“This project was for them and because of them, if they are happy, we are more than satisfied and the relationship with them will never compare to anything, it will remain in our hearts forever.”


A week ago, Juanpa Y Pambo they went to show the documentary to the people who were part of this reconstruction project: “it was very emotional, we all cried, it was something very special that remains in our hearts forever and the important thing is that we were able to give everyone a home ”, concluded the influencer.