Juan Osorio sends a strong message to Pablo Montero after attacking a reporter

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Juan Osorio / Mexico Agency

Producer Juan Osorio expressed his displeasure with Pablo Montero after the images came to light in which the singer attacked a reporter during the press conference in Saltillo, Coahuila.

Because the interpreter goes from one controversy to another after not attending the recording of the final chapter of the Vicente Fernández bioseries due to his problem with alcohol, now the producer of said project decided to send him a strong message during the interview he gave to the Program windowing.

“I think you do your job, that’s the truth. You are responsible for your image, but if you make mistakes, oh no, you reporters who don’t let you live. If one shared his personal life, then you have a responsibility to take responsibility, “said Osorio before the first questions on the subject.

“I am very sorry, they know perfectly well that I appreciate Pablo, I love him, I have supported him, but that is not why I am going to ignore that lack of respect, she is a woman, above all, she is doing her job. It did not seem justifiable to me that because there was a child, “expressed Niurka Marcos’s ex about the altercation that the artist had with the journalist.

Immediately afterwards, Juan stressed: “that he assumes his responsibility, that is my humble opinion, I cannot be a pimp of bad behavior, and it is not that I do not make mistakes, that when I make them or pass them, I also have to assume them and accept them, and more so if they already know that you are a short fuse. I think you have to learn to have lessons from life to correct your mistakes, but sometimes it’s not that easy.

Juan Osorio and Pablo Montero / Courtesy

Juan Osorio and Pablo Montero / Courtesy

Later, Osorio ended the rumors that the company Televisa vetoed Montero for all the controversies in which he has been involved.

“Look, tell me which company vetoes a character? We veto ourselves with our attitude, behavior, due to lack of professionalism. No, he is not banned, far from it, now I want to know who calls him? In other words, it is one of them who causes his job to be taken away, if he does not take care of his work, his image, his professionalism, and respect for this race, because disrespecting a person is disrespecting this race”, he explained in this regard.

Finally, about the alleged pact that Pablo and Juan signed in the meeting they had after the absence of the Mexican regional singer from the recordings of the series ‘The Last King. The son of the people’, Osorio only commented: “I gave him the character and that’s how it stayed, we had a very special talk, very strong, I spoke very much about being human, you know?, I adore his mother, I love his daughters very much, but untill there”.


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