Johnny Depp’s daughter came to light and spoke about her father amid controversy

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Lily Rose Melody Depp He has separated from the controversy his father faced johnny depp after trial with Amber Heardwho accused him of domestic violence, despite the fact that her relationship with him was on good terms.

The actress, who will soon see the premiere of her new series of The Weeknd, “Idol”, decided to break his silence and weigh in on the various issues facing the film’s main character.”Pirates of the Caribbean«.

The 23-year-old, who appeared on the cover of the magazine Elle, has revealed why he decided to remain silent despite his attempts to address the issue indirectly.

“When it’s so personal and private, but suddenly it becomes less personal… I feel entitled to have my personal garden of thoughts.”

lily she mentioned that she doesn’t want the men around her to define her.

“I’m not here to take responsibility for anyone’s actions, and I feel like for most of my career, people wanted to define me by the men in my life.”

Johnny depp's daughter came to light and spoke about her father amid controversy

Lily Depp, She is also a model and has built her own career on her own, and she hopes the fans can appreciate it too.

“I really want to be defined by what I do.”

Who he gets excited about is his mother, who he praised too much in the interview, Vanessa Paradis, Who do you consider the nicest person?

“Seeing our mom as the kindest person, but also with her own life and seeing her sing on stage in front of thousands of people has been amazing for me and my brother.”

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