Johnny Depp looks unrecognizable as Louis XV, King of France

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Johnny Depp as Louis XV. Photo: Instagram @wildbunchinternational

Johnny Depp He is known for his great characterizations within the cinema, it is worth remembering his participation in the tapes “Young Scissorhands” Y “Pirates of the Caribbean”and now surprises with his image of the king of France Louis XV for his next return to the screens after his legal problems with his ex-wife Amber Heard Some months ago.

In the published image you can see Johnny Depp like a portrait, where he holds a sword and wears a ruby ​​around his neck. Both accessories were popular during the reign of Louis XV.

Tape Jeanne du Barry is directed by Maiwennwho also plays the main role of the courtesan in the film, and also wrote the screenplay for it.

The production of Jeanne du Barry began on July 26 and ran for 11 weeks, during which time scenes were filmed both inside and outside a studio. Some of the scenes were shot in Versailleswhile others in different areas of Paris.

What is the new Johnny Depp movie about?

The film will address the historical romance in the life of Jeanne duBarrythe last real mistress of Louis XV at the Court of Versailles after Madame de Pompadour.

Jeanne duBarry she was a working-class young woman who had a voracious appetite for both culture and pleasure. She was the illegitimate daughter of a seamstress and was born into poverty.

With his wit and good looks, he quickly rose through the ranks of turn-of-the-century Parisian society. eighteenth and in the court of Louis XV in Versailles.

Though Louis XV unaware that she is a courtesan, she quickly becomes his favorite companion and is largely responsible for giving him a renewed interest in life. They soon fall deeply in love with her and Jeanne moves to Versailles even though her presence there would cause a scandal at court.

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