Johanna Juhlin, a young Swedish woman, is surprised to be a bricklayer in the United States

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Johanna Juhlin, a young Swedish woman, is surprised to be a bricklayer in the United States
A young Swedish woman is surprised to be a bricklayer in the US. Photo: Shutterstock

johanna juhlin is a women that has started become popular in networks social thanks to her trade, since the girl originally from Sweden is dedicated to the brickwork in USAand has impacted the netizens for his strength and beauty, going viral.

Do it like a girl! So are the videos of Johanna Juhlin

Through various videos, johanna juhlin share, with the thousands of followers you have in instagrampart of his work in the building and detailed of buildingscaptivating the users of the digital platforms.

johanna juhlin started an interior restoration and remodeling company in his native Sweden; however, he decided to extend his horizons and came up USA starting a branch in Ohioaccording to reports.

And although the young woman attracts attention for the agility with which he performs his labors within the area of ​​the buildingusers have not overlooked what it does in fitted outfits that highlight the incredible figure she has.

But not only her work is what the young woman usually shares in social media, because it also presumes the exercise routines that it follows to be able to have the figure that presumes proud on digital platforms.

Among the routines he has shared with the netizens who follow her on social networks, it can be seen that she practices surveying dumbbellswhich could explain the agility Y skill that shows in his work.

What is known about the young woman’s company?

According to the Instagram profile, the company is called Tvillingarna Maleri Kristianstad, which in Spanish would be Gemelos painting Kristitanstadand that it would have started with a person identified as Evelina, of whom no photograph has been released.

The truth is that the young Swedish woman is recognized on social networks for her work in construction, which has led her company to great success.

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