JK Rowling is raining criticism for complaining about the neutral bathrooms at UNAM

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JK Rowling. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

JK Rowling maintains her radical stance on the Internet and continues to unleash negative criticism on social media. The author of Harry Potter cited a Twitter post in which she points to violence against women in Mexico, using as an example the “invasion” of trans activists in the neutral bathrooms of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Of course, the comments have not been long in coming and unleashes a new wave of criticism among Internet users.

the fame of Rowling comes entirely from his work with Wizarding World, the fantasy literary saga that became a bestseller on par with the Warner Bros. developed film series a few years ago. JK She was for a time one of the most loved and respected women in entertainment, but everything changed in 2020 when she made her openly transphobic vision public, noting in several tweets that “only real women are capable of menstruating.”

joanne criticizes the existence of mixed bathrooms at UNAM, sharing the publication of a group that also condemns the “irruption” of women’s spaces. The writer uses as an argument that violence against women in Mexico is one of the highest globally.

“Trans activists have struck a blow in the women’s bathroom at the University of Mexico. Sexual assaults at UNAM are so common that the University recently had to install emergency buttons inside the cubicles of the women’s bathrooms,” was the Women’s Voices message.

“The right side of history scrawls death and rape threats inside the bathroom of female students in Mexico. Male violence against women in Mexico is among the highest in the world,” Rowling tweeted.


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