Jin reveals that he doesn’t like being with RM for this reason

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The members of bts they are actually quite friendly with each other, especially those of similar ages, for example, Jin, 29 years oldis very close with Suga and RM, both 28 years old. v Y Jungkook they are also quite close and have similar ages, 25 and 26 years old, respectively.

Recently, Jin participated in a variety program whose theme is chaotic interactions between the guests and the hosts of the program, called “Running Man”. One of the activities in the program is one in which the participants ask each other questions, with the proviso that the answerer has to answer “no”, whereby the questioner must ask a question to which the respondent can hardly say “no”.

The question that was put to Jin was “Jin, you like the leader of BTS -RM-, right?”. A question that you could easily answer with a yes, but since the game consists of you having to give a negative answer, it gets a bit complicated.

Still, Jin knew how to play the game without offending his partner, nor damaging their friendship. Jin responded to the question about whether he liked his partner this way:

“No it’s not true. I even dislike RM. why does he have to be so smart? It’s annoying”.Jin

Netizens were touched by how difficult it was for Jin to find something to dislike about his partner, so he used one of his boons as if it was something to envy.

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