Jimin from BTS presents his great love and drives the ARMY crazy with this PHOTO next to him

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Jimin from BTS He will be the next of the boyband members to release his solo album as part of the projects prior to his military service. In addition, he became the new ambassador for Dior, for which he was invited to Paris fashion week, being one of the most talked about celebrities on social networks.

Considered one of the best dancers and vocalists, Jimin fulfilled his dream of singing along with his idol Taeyang from BIG BANGa group that inspired some idols from bts. During the group’s hiatus, photos of the singer with various producers were released, so his album is expected to be a success.

Like the rest of his companions, Jimin from BTS He has not been very active on social networks, since the schedule for his solo debut has not yet been announced and the ARMY believes that he could be preparing for his long-awaited release, but he himself revealed who his best company is.

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BTS’s Jimin Reveals Who His Best Company Is

Currently, all members of bts They live independently in luxury apartments. They all lead single lives, although some have dating rumors that have haunted them for a long time, and that gain more strength because of supposed photos or because of their age.

In the case of J.imin, the idol revealed who is his great love and his best company. The idol touched the ARMY with this photo together, as he revealed that:

i love tannie

was what he said Jimin from BTS about V’s pet, Yeontan. This pomeranian puppy became her favorite, she even revealed that she wanted to have him with him, the idol uploaded a photo together, since he used to play with him when his partner left the bedroom. He is considered the “official” mascot of the boyband, although other members also have pets.


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