Jimin from BTS drives his fans crazy when he sees him shirtless for the first time in this VIDEO

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Jimin from BTS he will be the next in the boyband to launch a new project. It is expected that this 2023 he will release his first album as a soloist and his first collaboration of his career is about to be released. Regarded as one of the best K-Pop vocalists and dancers, the idol He drove his fans crazy with this video.

Last year, the singer participated in his first OST for a Korean drama, breaking records with the song on Korean platforms. He has also had some solo songs on albums by bts. As part of the boyband projects before leaving for the military, he focused more on his own individual activities.

Jimin began his career as a dancer, as he was a dance student who managed to enter bts. On several occasions he has excited his fans with his dance steps, but also with his physical attractiveness, because due to his discipline, he is one of those who has shown an abdomen.

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BTS’s Jimin poses shirtless for the first time in years

at the concerts of bts or music videos, Jimin He is usually the main dancer or has solo choreographies, since his talent as a dancer is born. The idol is one of the few members who dares to take off his shirt on stage with Jungkook and drive his fans crazy.

Recently, a new teaser for their upcoming collaboration was released and Jimin was shirtless for the first time at one time, because he wore a jacket with nothing underneath and the garment exposed a large part of his chest and abdomen. The clip moved her fans, who shared the photos and video on social networks.


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