Jimin can never get married and breaks the hearts of the ARMY

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The star dancer bts he will not be able to marry a girl in common, why?

In South Korea, wealthy families arrange blind dates or arranged marriages for their children, but in the case of Jimin, member of the popular group kpop bts, Being the oldest of the children in his family, he has a younger brother. And therefore, according to South Korean culture, he cannot get married.

However, this prohibition is only with a particular girl, and it is that the first-born of Korean families are prohibited from marrying a foreigner, this because they have the duty to preserve the family name.

That is, Jimin has to marry a Korean, although that does not prevent him from falling in love with an American or European, but usually they end up with someone of the same nationality because of the culture of their country.

There is also the false belief that some Korean men tend to see Latinas or foreigners as sensual or even “easy” women, because having different cultures there are very specific stereotypes of beauty. And in South Korea, It is characterized by being a highly xenophobic country.

And you, do you think that Jimin break this South Korean tradition and decide to marry a foreign girl?