Jewelry uses controversy and launches commercial with Meghan and Harry pirate

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  • The docu-reality starring the Dukes of Sussex, Meghan and Harry, obtained more than three million visits in the first 24 hours of its premiere.

  • Netflix film has become the audiovisual revelation that could go the Guinness record for the most interesting trailer in history.

  • The first season came to register 81.55 million hours of viewing worldwide, more than 28 million households and, now, advertising pieces inspired by its controversy.

harry meghan They are the couple of the last decade that have enamored and divided society, not only in England, but throughout the world, as they have returned the scrutiny and curiosity of the people for the life of the monarchy, inspiring books, films and multiple art representations, but also advertising creativity. And it is that recently the chain of kay jewelers demonstrated how to make an impact with a campaign using the instinct of the audience, since He managed to multiply the reach of his commercial in the midst of the most famous British true story of these times.

It is a company born in Pennsylvania, United States, in 1916, and founded by Sol and Edmund Kaufmann; Although it has remained at the forefront and has maintained a reputation in the public’s taste for generations, its latest marketing piece is the one that is putting them in the international news, thanks to a detail that users have been discovering little by little in their protagonists.

And it is that using Harry Meghan was a smart move, especially now that they presented a new project as part of the million-dollar contract with Netflix.

Let’s remember that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been part of a worldwide controversy after the launch of their documentary series where they give their version of treason, Windsor leaks and the new chapter of their life; Now, after “removing the tide” with their first installment, the couple has announced the second part for the streaming platform.

It will be on December 31 when it premieres “Live to lead”, history goes beyond how complicated it was to be part of the Royal Family, the marriage of Lady Di and Carlos III and the company that makes up the British monarchy, since now world personalities are included.

Fake Harry and Meghan star in commercial

The traditional and famous jingle “Every kiss begins with K” from Kay jewelry has surprised with its new advertising campaign, because the protagonists are and are not the Dukes of Sussex themselves.

For this simple detail, the American brand is a trend in the international media, publicizing the new jewelry product while a fake Prince Harry and a fake Meghan Markle they appear in their commercial hugging and kissing.

The campaign indirectly used the image of the royal couple to such an extent that their actors are so similar that many netizens came to think that they were ex-royals.

This is not the only time that the royal couple has inspired marketing strategies around the world, since since 2017 they have seen the birth of Eley Rose three diamond ring that we can see the Top 10 engagement rings online with the caption “Ever since Meghan Markle said yes to Prince Harry’s three-stone engagement ring, people have been fawning over this style.”

And like that, creative ideas are born all over the world that put the Dukes at the center, so it will not be surprising that in the future some firms come to bring their advertising strategies closer to Windsor Castle and beyond.

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