Jeremy Renner shows recovery and celebrates his birthday in hospital after terrible accident

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Jeremy Renner
This is how Jeremy Renner showed his stay in the hospital. | Photo: Twitter.

Almost seven days from terrible accident suffered by Jeremy Rennerwhen it was “completely crushed by a snowplow vehicle”, The actor showed on social networks his process of Recovery in the company of his family, as well as the 52nd birthday celebration accompanied by medical personnel.

Through its instagram account, the actor known for playing Hawkeye in the film “Avengers”published a story in which he is seen lying in a hospital bed and surrounded by the medical staff in charge of his recovery.

His publication was accompanied by an emotional message of thanks:

“Many thanks to the renowned UCI team for accompanying me on this path.”

Capture from Jeremy Renner’s Instagram stories. | Photo: Instagram.

And it is that, according to reports from a spokesperson for Jeremy Renner, actor suffered “blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries”, for which the actor underwent two surgeries related to the injuries. His latest health report indicates that he is critical, but stable.

Despite the severity of the accident, Renner also posted a video on his Twitter account in which he is seen with his mother and sister enjoying “an incredible day at the spa.”

In the video, the actor, who is wearing a shower cap, is seen receiving what he said was “his first shower in a week” while receiving a head massage.

His family is even heard joking that he “looks sexy.”

The tweet was accompanied by the sweet message:

“A ‘not so good’ day in the Intensive Care Unit turned into an amazing spa day with my sister and mom. Many thanks”

Reveal details of Jeremy Renner’s accident and his medical evolution

The Details about Renner’s accident were recently released in a log of calls to the 911 emergency number. published by the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office SnowfallUnited States and collected by CNN.

The call log revealed that Jeremy Renner not only was he lying on the ground, but was completely crushed by the snowplow better known as snowcat.

“The subject was run over by a snowcat (…) [Renner] she is moaning loudly in the background, severe bleeding (…) she is bleeding a lot from her head and other injuries (…) she is not sure where all the blood is coming from”.

911 call recorded by CNN

It was also disclosed that Jeremy Renner it was “completely crushed under a large snowmobile” and that he had “extreme difficulty breathing.” As well as that “the right side of your chest It’s collapsed, the upper torso is crushed.”

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