Jennifer Aniston surprised in a market selling her products

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Jennifer Aniston in the market
Jennifer Aniston began to sell in a market | Photo: Instagram (jenniferaniston)

Jennifer Aniston he put aside his facet as actress for a few hours to dedicate all her time and effort to the company that she maintains, vital proteins. To sell your hair care products and protein barsthe star showed off his merchant skills in a market.

By weight! This is how Jennifer Aniston sold in a market

The 53-year-old interpreter was seen in a market of the United States offering and promoting their products, and even their own Jennifer Aniston He shared a video of the moment through his official social networks. “Thank you The Morning Show for taking over my craft service. Jon, I owe you a box. Go stock up!” she wrote.

Although the exact location of the market where the protagonist of the series was seen is unknown “friends“In the video he shared, he can be seen behind a table full of his nutrition barsinviting the public to come to his humble stand decorated with a blackboard announcing the name of the brand “Vital Proteins“.

During their participation in what appeared to be a vendor’s fair, Jennifer Aniston He gave away his products to those who walked near the place, and in just a few minutes, the bars sold out. “They have very good ingredients!” Said the actress as several people took them away.

Jon Hamm bought the “Friends” actress!

The video also shows that the actor Jon Hamman actor who had been linked to the star of “A Lie Wife,” is passing through the bazaar when he stops at the local Jennifer Aniston to take one of the few remaining protein bars, as consumers took all that were.

The new facet as a seller of the actress caused mixed reactions among the public, as some users laughed at his spontaneous sales strategies, although most Internet users applauded the fact that a celebrity of his stature had the humility to offer your products on your own.

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