Jay de la Cueva confesses how he trains to have a steel abdomen at the age of 44: VIDEO

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Jay of the Cave It is known through various facets. In the world of national music he is a respected multi-instrumentalist musician and producer, capable of choosing his projects to unleash his incessant creativity. As a guy that he started very young with microchip and years later he continued his career from Phobia, The Black Jeans, The Hooligans and Titan, You always need to be in constant motion.

An avid producer of new projects in which to participate, he contrasts that facet with that of a guy who likes to take care of his health, to develop healthy eating and exercise habits and, last but not least, to be a hard-nosed night owl who works better when the sun is out. falls and the night is given to him.

This was recently stated in the Roberto Martinez podcast, where he talked at length about various topics that concern his professional and personal life. But, on this occasion, we will review what leads him to train and keep in top physical shape, enviable for any young and he, being one of 44 yearsis one hundred to lead his life project.

Vegan by choice and dairy no thanks

the same Javier Fernando de la Cueva Rosales, Jay’s real name is the one who naturally admits that he has chosen to be a vegan for his own pleasure, to express his health needs in this way and, to a large extent, because he did not go with the current that he lived as a child or young man, since at his core familiar there was not this series of healthy customs that he today takes to the letter.

Of course, he admits that from time to time he relaxes and gives himself a few treats and does not go too far in being vegan or raw vegan by force or force other people to be.

What he does make clear is that, for example, he does not like to consume dairy products. He has even gone whole years without eating a single piece of cheese, until one night when he returned from Paris and consumed all the cheese he wanted.

Run in the night and enjoy your steps

Another of the great keys to staying very healthy is running. Jay himself admits that he likes to run to see the countries he travels to. Australia thus came to him as well as other places. For this reason, he confirms that he is not usually a morning man but rather a nocturnal being, eager for the night to run and compose, happy to go into the studio in the afternoon and, if possible, run again every night or early mornings

With some 5 or 6km daily to run at a pace 40 minutes for this journeyJay knows that he must take better care of his body in order to avoid some injuries.

This is how Jay de la Cueva talked about these facets. Being a healthy guy, disciplined, focused on his music and having habits that give him a longevity suitable for his lifestyle. Brian Amadeus will be discussed another time.