Jay Cutler advises the dumbbell bench press

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    Jay Cutler used his fitness knowledge to build a physique that won him four Mr. Olympia titles. And now he continues to share his wisdom in weightlifting on social networks. And this is his opinion on the debate between dumbbells and barbells when bench pressing.

    Cutler continues to train in the gym and has shown off his physique on many occasions. He even attended a posing show recently that even sparked rumors of a possible stage comeback. Though he won’t be competing, Cutler didn’t rule out a guest pose again, as he’s still big and ripped. (The 20 best exercises for a V-shaped back)

    Jay Cutler prefers the dumbbell bench press over the barbell

    Weight training can be done in many ways. There are many different ways to perform different exercises to achieve goals in the gym. In general, it is important to focus on health and safety. This is why Jay Cutler prefers dumbbells when he bench presses. “I prefer it because it’s an isolated movement, higher contraction, and it’s safer and less damaging in the long run. And if it’s a focus on building a good chest, I prefer 8-12 reps with dumbbells over barbell.”

    On the PR in the bench press he says: “you have to leave the ego at the door and focus on what is less harmful and more efficient, and the use of dumbbells when performing the exercise can allow the muscle to contract more due to stretching “. (6-exercise back workout without doing pull-ups).

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