Jason Momoa takes off his clothes and video goes viral

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Jason Momoa has no qualms about showing off his body. Photo: Getty Images/Instagram

Jason Momoa He is one of the most attractive actors Hollywood due to the impressive physique he has, and it is known that the interpreter has no qualms about showing his worked body: this was demonstrated when he went to the program Jimmy Kimmel, next presenter of the Oscar 2023 awardwhere he was almost naked in front of the public.

The native actor Hawaii came with kimmel to promote his latest movie “Slumberland”where he helps an orphaned child out of the world of dreamsso he arrived in purple pajamas, and before the driver questioned about a viral video where he shows his butt, Jason Momoa He did not hesitate to get rid of it.

Why did Jason Momoa take off his clothes?

Jason Momoa caused a sensation in recent days when a video was published where he went fishing and his butt was completely exposed, so this incident did not go unnoticed during the talk with Kimmel, and the actor explained the reason.

“I was preparing for the role because I like to get into character,” he said. Momoa about his work on the Apple TV series “War chief”. And he added: “I was tanning my white butt.”

The situation did not stop there, the actor, 43 years old and 1.93 meters tallexplained that the kind of loincloth he wears in the video uses it in his day to day.

“And are you wearing it under your clothes right now?”, the presenter questioned, and before everyone’s eyes, he got up from the sofa and began to take off his clothes little by little, until he was left only with said garment. Then, Momoa He turned around so that the public could see his butt and did not hesitate to move it.

“It’s a traditional thong, it’s what Hawaiians wear. I have to wear it every day. I love getting into character and plus my white butt gets some color,” she joked in the interview with Kimmel.

“My God, it’s so comfortable. I don’t like clothes anymore. I love to wear it every day, all the time”, emphasized the actor.

The moment went viral on social media Jimmy Kimmel He had nothing left but to blush in front of the half-naked body of Jason Momoa.

Who is Jason Momoa?

Jason Momoa He began his career at a very young age, when he appeared on various programs such as “Baywatch”in the late ’90s, but the role that put him in the public eye was when he played Khal Drogo, in “Game of Thrones”; however, personify Aquaman in the DC films catapulted him to fame and, since then, his career has been on the rise.

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