Jason Momoa surprises his followers and cuts his hair

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In addition to playing great characters in his career, one of the things that most characterizes Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa is his long and beloved hair, which for years has become a very emblematic part of the protagonist of Aquaman.

Therefore, on September 6, Jason Momoa He shook social networks and surprised everyone by sharing a video on his Instagram, where he shows the moment his iconic mane is being cut. The reason? Here we tell you.

The interpreter of Khal Drogo in the series game of Thrones He constantly uses his social networks as a means to spread his ideal of protecting the environment, raising awareness about climate change and fighting against all pollution towards our Earth and oceans. In her eagerness to raise awareness of the damage that plastic does to the planet, Momoa decided to say goodbye to her impressive hair and shaved her head.

In a recording shared on his profile Instagramthe 43-year-old actor begins by greeting his followers, and then asks them to pass him a couple of braids that were removed from his hair and show them to the camera while a girl is finishing cutting his hair.

For a new beginning, let’s spread the ‘aloha’. Let’s better protect our Earth and our oceans. We have to eliminate single-use plastics from our lives and from our seas. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, containers, utensils, all of that.

Stating that the new change in your look was doing it to eliminate single-use plastic from his life, Jason Momoa said he was in Hawaii at the time the video was recorded and assured that all the damage that synthetic material does to the oceans is very sad, so He invited his followers to eliminate plastic from their lives.

Jason Momoa cuts his hair

Showing the parts of his head with short hair, you can see the sad face of the actor, who, without a doubt, regrets having to say goodbye to his long hair that has characterized him for so many years. At least he can be proud, since he is doing it for a noble and very good cause.