Jason Momoa in rumors of having a secret relationship with Amber Heard

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A few months ago, various rumors were around Jason momoa and Amber Heard. According to official media reports, the actors were on bad terms and it almost led to Heard’s removal of her from the role of her. Megara in the saga of DC, Aquaman. But after new information, they were all really wrong.

At the beginning of the week, The hollywood reporter He said that Jason Momoa would no longer act as Aquaman for a third installment of the film, among the reasons was a negative tension between the actor and the producers, and it is that the latter several times offended Amber Heard and this really bothered Jason Momoa .

And it is that during the filming of Aquaman 2, according to reports, Heard and Momoa’s chemistry was completely zero, which turned out to be completely false. According to new reports, during the filming of the second movie, the actors became much closer than they already were.

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By then, Jason was married, although he commented that their marriage was not on good terms, Amber gave him “tipsยป but we already know that Momoa could not save the marriage. Then a rumor spread that Jason made fun of Amber when she lost her case against Johnny Deppwhich turned out to be completely false.

And it is that Jason Momoa actually consoled Amber heard In secret, which supposedly unfolded in a fortuitous romance, both actors knew that they could not make the relationship public, so they never formalized the relationship, although they DID have intimate encounters that they both enjoyed.

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