Jason Momoa has been fired from Aquaman for defending Amber Heard

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Momoa will not return to a new installment of Aquaman due to a series of disagreements he had with the directors of the DC movie. And it is that in the middle of the years, her camera partner Amber Heard, had a legal process with her ex-husband, also an actor Johnny Depp.

And it is that because of this, the managers of Aquaman had decided to fire the actress, but Jason momoa came to his rescue. And it is that the actor together with the director of the film, James Wan, managed to prevent the study from eliminating the scenes of Amber Heard in the second installment, although the minutes on the screen of the actress were reduced considerably.

It is not a secret that Hollywood studios do not like their actors with millionaire salaries to be involved in problems, much less when the opinion of the general public turns negative, since this would result in a loss of income in the box office movie.

And it is that initially, Jason Momoa and Wan did not give up and forced the studio to leave Heard in the second installment of the film, this will result in a loss for the producer, since the general public has a really negative image of Amber heard.

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That is why the managers decided to make the decision to fire Amber Heard for the following recordings of the saga, and not only that, but according to The hollywood reporterJason Momoa was also fired for his stubborn attitudes in not following studio rules.

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