Japanese boy perfectly imitates Bruce Lee’s movements

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Bruce Lee is the idol of the child who seeks to imitate him. Getty Images / Illustrative

The small Bruce Leeas it is already called in social networksis monopolizing the spotlight again, after a viral message video where he is seen perfectly imitating the popular karate fighter protagonist of “Dragon operation”.

The euphoria has been unleashed, since the Bruce Lee impersonator is a boy of barely 12 years who, since he was five, already emulated the actor’s movementsincluding kicks, blows and chokes, which has led him to participate in several television programs, such as the popular “Super Kids”.

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Little Bruce Lee surprises with muscles

The most recent publications of ryusei imainame of the little martial artist, have left more than one with a square eye, because at 12 years old he sports a musculature which many see “not normal for their age.”

Ryusei’s training includes hypertrophy, resistance and cardio exercises and he himself has confessed, in statements he has given in the media in which he appears, that at school, every time he changes his clothes, his classmates do comments about your muscles.

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According to statements collected by the English media Daily Starlittle Bruce Lee has a goal: move as fast as your idol, which is why he has studied all his movies since he was one year old.

In videos that users have uploaded to networks, it is observed that, at his young age, Ryusei is achieving his goal, which, in addition to generating spaces for him in television programs, TV has led him to meet stars like Jackie Chan, with whom he starred in a video a few years ago.

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Among the recordings that have made the greatest echo among users, in addition to his training, is the one where he is observed doing push ups with only two fingers.

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