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While the clock keeps ticking, counting the days that Inge De Luisa established to deliver the report and shed light on what is coming on the bench of the Mexican National Team, I tell you that there is already a main candidate to grab El Tri in the matches of the Nations Molera, albeit on an interim basis: Jaime Lozano.

The medalist without a medal from Tokyo 2020 is without a job for now and has a fundamental virtue in Doña Fede’s eyes: he knows the generation that will be the base of Mexico in 2026, so he is ideal to take the helm against Suriname and Jamaica. What’s more, they like the idea so much that it is possible that more parties can leave him so that he can show that he can handle the package and try to keep the position. If he flatly doesn’t give, he will at least buy some time to find the good guy later.

Of course, they tell me that when the cycle report is delivered to Qatar, the name of the final coach will not yet come, but only a balance of which ones with the needs of our team, and that within the profile they are looking for for the helmsman there is only At the moment, a clear condition: that he knows our football, whether he is a foreigner or a countryman, but that he knows what it is about leading Mexico. And so, the option is reduced to a few names.


One of the proposals that Jaime Ordiales is working on for the 2026 cycle of the Tri is to reactivate that Selection Committee that acted years ago, operated by some owners who were fully involved in defining the steps taken by the national representatives and which was later replaced. by the Commission that was of little use.

But this time it will not necessarily be made up of the owners, as there are many divided interests and power groups that will surely not allow them to reach an agreement, but rather it can be made up of former national team coaches, even historical players, who have a voice of advice for whoever remains as a national coach.

It is an idea that has not yet been approved, but they tell me that they are so desperate in Doña Fede that almost anything that sounds like it will be added will be taken into account.


The vineyards and Pachuca. It is true that after releasing Nico Ibáñez, the Tuzos turned to ask the Nest about the Uruguayan who is not stellar with America, but they wanted him on loan, nothing to buy. They offered those from Coapa that Fede would play a lot more in Bella Airosa, he would be listed and then they could sell him, but the Águilas replied that he would only go on sale.

They made a counter-proposal: they give them Viñas, but in exchange and with the difference in wool costs, for a player who is looking for Tano Ortiz, the right-back he needs, that is, for Kevin Álvarez. From the outset it sounds crazy for Pachuca to release the 23-year-old World Cup full-back, but bartering for a striker will always be beneficial, since attackers are sold for much higher prices and Fede, at 24, has a great projection. The example is just the sales of these two clubs: Jorge Sánchez was sent to Ajax for six melons, while Nico Ibañez, the Tuzos was sent to the Sultana del Norte for 11 million green.

While the clubs come to an agreement, they tell me that Viñas doesn’t see a bad idea of ​​emigrating to the Mexican soccer champion club, very different from doing it to the project offered by Xolos, the team that was already arranged with América to sign him.

And on the side of the Eagles, in case the Uruguayan striker emigrates, they tell me that they are not closed to go for another foreign attacker, in the end that there are still two weeks left to close records, but they will not go crazy if there are no attractive options .


I was surprised that last week the press friendly to Blue Cross to ensure that La Máquina had already arranged the watering of not submitting the paperwork on time by their selected ones who were in Qatar, but I asked again and the same thing: the matter has not been resolved and it is not seen how the story will change. There are a few months left until all the FIFA prizes are delivered and until then we can already know that the Cementers lost that money.

Well, they explained to me that the one who gave them hope was the lawyer who has helped them in recent years with all their faults: Ana Peniche, who worked for Doña Fede and who, since she is now a TAS referee, claims that she can make FIFA reverse its rules to allow them to collect the loss.

In principle it should not, because the TAS does not like that its referees have several caps, because it lends itself to a conflict of interest; It is not well seen, but it was worth it for the lawyer and she already offered it to Cruz Azul. Later you can tell them ‘what was done was done’.

So for all those who left with the feint because of the information that came out of La Noria that was already fixed, ask again in a few more months so as not to make a fool of yourself.


By the way, the lawyer Peniche and the former head of MX LeagueEnrique Bonilla, who are very close friends, and I had already told you that they have legal advice for teams in Mexico, like this one from Cruz Azul, recently knocked on Doña Fede’s door again to try to get help.

This time it was because of what came with the former owner of Veracruz, my favorite ex-deputy, Fidel Kuri, who, since he managed to get out of the dairy to follow the legal process at home, does not take his finger off the line and still wants Peniche and Bonilla to they pay it And what do you think Doña Fede answered them? Well, once outside, everyone scratches themselves with their own nails, so they’re not going to help them this time. Either way.



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