IU And Lee Jong Suk Write Heartfelt Letters To Fans After Finding Out About Their Relationship

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ohUI and Lee Jong Suk have shared loving letters to their fans!

After what will be confirmed their relationship on December 31, the two stars updated each of their fan cafes with sweet letters.

IU’s letter reads as follows:

Hello UAENA (The name of IU’s fan club)!

Is everyone asleep at this hour? While wondering where you’ve spent the end of 2022 and if you’ve had a bit of a confusing last day of the year because of me, I’ve come to convey new year greetings along with my gratitude and apologetic sentiments.

Those who saw today’s articles should know, I am currently dating someone. I think our UAENA, who always worry about me and are curious to know how I am doing, will have been very surprised, so I feel very cautious about it, but, yes… That has happened!

He was a co-worker for a long time and we are building positive feelings while trusting each other.

He is a reliable and nice person who has supported me for a long time, always told me that I am amazing and sent me sincere encouragement.

Since UAENA is always keeping a closer eye on me, I think it must feel that I am at a time where I am emotionally comfortable and doing well. In addition, I think that one of the reasons why my pride and passion for work increase even more these days is because I have a good friend who has been congratulating me for a long time in a close way.

As everyone has already found out by now, we will have nice and quiet dates so as not to worry my fans….!

Excuse me for surprising you, but I am very sorry and grateful to UAENA who still congratulated me and asked me first how I am.

I didn’t even write much, but I thought over each word for a long time while writing, since the new year has already arrived. I started writing in 2022, but we are already in 2023.

Happy New Year to all. In 2022, which has become last year, I was very happy to meet you for the first time in a long time and to see you up close. I will never forget those moments of overwhelming happiness.

I sincerely thank you for having fun with me and for being one year closer to me. This year I will advance without laziness! I will do well.

Happy New Years again, UAENA. When they wake up from their deep sleep, it will be a new year. Sleep well. I love you all.

Here, Lee Jong Suk’s letter:

Hello. I’m Lee Jong Suk.

I couldn’t separately share a thank you message to the fans after receiving a big award, so I’m sharing this letter belatedly.

I am writing here for the first time in a long time.

I’m so sorry to have surprised you at the end of the year. Thank you to the fans who yelled and cheered for me at the Drama Awards so I wouldn’t lose my confidence.

What I really wanted to say to all of you is that I am very grateful to my fans, who send their constant love and support to me, someone who is still very lacking and still shy despite getting older.

I forgot these important words because I got more nervous the more I talked. Sorry and thanks once again.

And they must have been very surprised after seeing yesterday’s articles. About that friend from today’s articles.

We met when I was in my twenties, and it was much more than puppy love, but I regretted it because it didn’t come to fruition.

We were friends for a long time, and now it’s become this.

Um… I want to explain this well..

How should I say this… Even when I worked hard living my way, she was a strange existence that always occupied a corner of my heart. I think my fans will understand me if I say that she was like Kang Dan I (“Romance is a Bonus Book” character) to me.

She is an amazing person who helps me with my life journey and worries like a friend, she is someone I can trust, she is younger but sometimes she feels older, and she is like an adult but also someone I want to protect.

Now she makes me want to be a better person.

I have to introduce it well, but it’s also the first time for me, so I’m worried that the fans were very surprised and maybe a little upset.

I hope you will see us warmly.

I am very grateful for the love and support that you have sent me during this year in which so much has happened, and I am very glad that we have seen each other again. Happy New Year, and I love you always.

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